in many ways

20 minutes by car along the new S7 route to Warsaw.
Thanks to the new S7 route, you can reach Warsaw quickly and efficiently, which takes only 20 minutes by car.

Only 5 minutes by bike or 15 minutes on foot to the Iwiczna or Piaseczno railway stations.
The estate is located at a convenient distance from the Iwiczna and Piaseczno railway stations, providing you with easy access to the railway.

Approx. 20 minutes on two Fast Urban Railway lines (S4 and S40) to Warsaw.
Thanks to the S4 and S40 lines of the Fast City Railway, you can travel comfortably to the center of Warsaw in about 20 minutes.

Approx. 30 minutes by bus to the Wilanowska underground station.
The estate has a good bus connection to the Wilanowska underground station, which will allow you to travel comfortably to various parts of the city.

There is Tukanów Street, which provides comfortable access to the house, right next to the estate.
The proximity of the new Tukanów street ensures easy and convenient access to your home.

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You will feel
everyday comfort here

Shopping at your fingertips.
There are  both large, popular supermarkets and smaller stores that are perfect for  everyday shopping in the surroundings. You can find here such chain stores as Żabka, Biedronka and Stokrotka. In first stage of the estate there is a modern service arcade, thanks to which you can deal with all the most important matters right next to the house.

Modern shopping center.
Right next to the estate, in Nowa Street, there is a modern N-Park shopping mall. You will find there many well-known stores, such as SMYK, RTV Euro AGD, JYSK, ALDI, SuperPharm and the LUX MED.

A wealth of shopping options.
There are many other supermarkets and shopping centers in Piaseczno itself and  in the surrounding area. The popular places include Designer Outlet , Auchan, Leroy Merlin and Decathlon, which offer a wide range of products and services.

You will be willing
to relax here

Rich offer of sports.
The Municipal Sports and Recreation Center has sports fields and an indoor swimming pool, which make daily physical activity available without commuting.

Gyms and sports centers.
In the  immediate vicinity of the housing estate you will find various gyms and sports centers that will enable you to take care of your physical fitness and health.

Walking areas.
The center of Piaseczno offers attractive walking areas where you can stroll around, enjoy the beautiful views and relaxing surroundings.


The proximity of locations such as Zalesie Dolne and Konstancin-Jeziorna will allow you to discover new places and experience unique tourist attractions. The possibility of kayaking on the Jeziorka River and access to bicycle routes will ensure that lovers of water and bicycle adventures will find many opportunities to spend their time actively.

to nature

Equestrian passion..
The proximity of horse farms will enable you to develop your passion for horse riding and to establish close contact with these wonderful animals.

The atmosphere of the area.
The opportunity to ride a historic narrow-gauge railway will allow you to travel back in  time and experience a piece of the local history.

Forests and landscape parks in the surroundings of Piaseczno offer a perfect place for walks, trips and contact with nature, which has a positive effect on health and well-being.

Safe place
for your children

Many good schools and kindergartens in the area.
The residents of Bliskie Piaseczno estate have access to modern educational facilities in the immediate vicinity. The Public School Complex in Nowa Iwiczna and the Education and Multimedia Center in Piaseczno are educational institutions that may be the object of envy of even the inhabitants of Warsaw. The families living in Bliskie Piaseczno do not have to worry about commuting to schools and kindergartens, which allows them to save time and provide their children with appropriate educational and developmental support.

A housing estate with the patio accessible for the residents only.
This is  a guarantee of peace and privacy. Due to the fact that access to  the estate area is limited, you can enjoy a sense of intimacy and security.