Close Piaseczno is a housing estate of a new quality

A green
housing estate

The Bliskie Piaseczno estate is a place where nature is close to everyday life. Impressive courtyards, squares and spacious green spaces encourage the residents to spend time outdoors. Varied greenery plantings, including evergreen shrubs and flowering perennials, make the estate a beautiful place all the year round.

Close Piaseczno is a housing estate of a new quality

Photovoltaic panels
for green energy

Photovoltaic panels will be installed on the roofs of the buildings of the second stage of the Bliskie Piaseczno estate, taking advantage of solar energy to generate clean electricity that will power the common areas, such as staircases and patios. This is not only an effective use of natural resources, but also a beneficial step towards reduction of both the consumption of conventional energy sources and the operating costs.

Supporting electromobility
through chargers for electric cars

The Bliskie Piaseczno estate focuses on the future, offering parking spaces in garages equipped with chargers for electric cars. Not only is this a convenience for owners of this type of vehicles, but also an active contribution to the development of environment-friendly methods of transportation. Owing to this, residents of the estate can charge their vehicles without any problems.

Close Piaseczno is a housing estate of a new quality

Promotion of environment-friendly
means of transport

The Bliskie Piaseczno estate is more than just a living space. It is also an environment that encourages people to choose more sustainable forms of transport. The availability of chargers for scooters and electric bicycles in the estate, together with bicycle racks, creates an encouraging atmosphere for the residents to use environment-friendly transport alternatives. This not only helps to reduce pollutant emissions, but also promotes a healthier lifestyle.

Additionally, the possibility of traveling to Warsaw by a modern SKM train gives you the opportunity to use ecological rail transport instead of your car.

Bliskie Piaseczno to osiedle stanowiące nową jakość